Kenya Health & Wellness Teas

This category brings promotes those teas – real tea, herbal teas and fruit teas that promote health and wellbeing. In general tea is good for you as it provides the minerals and vitamins (antioxidants) needed by the body. The health promoting teas such as Kenya Purple tea, Pure green tea, white tea and others have additional properties and higher levels of antioxidants and chemicals which assist the body to repair itself and fight diseases.

We promote a wide range of organic herbal teas such as lemon grass, Moringa Oleifera, hibiscus, chamomile, mixed herbs and others. People who are health conscious and desirous of improving or maintaining good health enjoy these teas, taken without milk, hot or cold.

Alstar’s Kenya Purple Tea
High quality tea made from selected leaves and manufactured using the orthodox tea manufacturing tec..
Angie’s Kenya Purple Tea
Top Quality Kenya Purple tea made from selected leaves and manufactured to International standards. ..
Kates Rejuvenate Tea
Top quality tea made from organic herbs grown in the tropical sun to provide you with rich nutrients..
Kate’s Calm U Tea
Calm U tea is a herbal drink made from Chamomile and grown under natural conditions in the tropical ..
Kate’s Everday Detox Tea
A quality detox tea made from a combination of herbs to clean and cleanse the body of dead cells and..
Kate’s Moringa Oleifera
Moringa is the wonder/medicinal tree that grows in tropical climate. The tree is used for health pur..
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